Impact on your people, teams and organization

Impactris is a label with independent partners as ‘enablers’, each with its own expertise. Impactris develops strong leadership by connecting people, teams and organizations and empowering them with focus on people ánd results. Impactris focuses on strengthening of:

  • Personal leadership and positioning
  • Engagement and Performance
  • High Performing Teams
  • Change Implementation

by leadership development, executive coaching, change facilitation and training.


Initiator and owner of Impactris is Aldert Oomkens. Aldert is an experienced executive coach, trainer, change facilitator with specialties in leadership development, change management, organization development and training. His drive is to stimulate high-performance cultures by unlocking the full potential of leaders, teams and organizations.

For 10 years he worked at a full service provider as a project manager and consultant in complex projects in the field of Business Intelligence and Business Process Improvement. He has successfully managed numerous complex projects in different organizations and industries globally. Frequently he leads change efforts as member of a Management Team to keep his practical experience up-to-date.

Aldert has over 15 years of experience in providing Leadership Development Programs at all leadership levels in global organizations. His experience spans multiple industry sectors to include Energy, Technology, Engineering, FMCG, Industry, Aviation, Insurance and Event Management.

Our vision

Powerful People. Strong Organizations.

We strongly believe that people want:

  • to be truly involved and engaged from their heart in what they do
  • recognition and to be seen; as a person and as a professional;
  • recognition for their expertise, professionalism and contribution;
  • to be meaningful and want to make a meaningful contribution
  • to learn, develop, grow and get further

Leadership development is a personal journey. Are you ready to start that journey?

Practice Areas

  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Organization Development
  • High Performing Teams
  • Team Coaching
  • Change Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Influencing
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Training & Development
  • Workshop Facilitation