You are a leader. Very experienced or just started in your leadership. As leader you are the role model. How do you sharpen yourself in a time of high speed of change and increasing uncertainty and complexity? With whom do you test your ideas and doubts? What do you stand for? How do you ensure a strong positioning within and outside your team or organization?

With Executive Coaching you focus on the development of your leadership. To strengthen your personal impact on your employees, your team and your organization.

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Many organizations are struggling with a lack of leadership. Our VUCA world needs engaged leaders who manage people, teams and organizations with both head ánd heart. Leaders who connect, bring people together and give trust, building strong relationships. And from there be able to implement impactful changes with focus on people and results.

With a leadership development program, you increase the impact of leadership in your organization as a strong base for your employees’ success and their performance. This will increase the success of your organization.

Surprisingly that out of 200 teams surveyed, only 10% call themselves High Performing! High Performing is often seen as working harder, more productively and more efficiently. People are becoming more and more disengaged; Research by Gallup shows that only 13% of employees in Europe are high-engaged at work! Higher engagement leads to higher performance.

High Performing Teams focus on increasing Employee Engagement and Performance. Discover together with your team today how effective your team is and what needs to happen to bring your team to a higher maturity level!

Continuous change has become part of organizations. Many employees become tired of change and react from resistance. Large change programs do not work. When people are part of the change process, their willingness to change increases enormously. Continuous improvement is more than a technique or a process; it is a mindset, which requires an inner transformation.

Change management facilitates both the mental transformation of the mindset and the physical implementation of the change. Increase your expertise in facilitating and influencing change processes or let change be facilitated!.

Impactris supports the development of strong leaderschip in organizations worldwide. The world is in need for inclusive leaders who care about people and lift them up, who are able to build bridges and to overcome challenges to engage people and to deliver high performance.

Impactris connects leadership and organizational development by offering impactful executive coaching, teamcoaching, development programs, training and change facilitation to get the best out of people, teams and organizations.

Aldert is a wonderful and enthusiastic facilitator. A great format and delivery. Engagement was high throughout all sessions.

Senior ManagerShell

This development program had big impact on both my professional and personal life.


Personal development. Building on strengths and correcting weaknesses. Ability to tackle difficult situations. Most
importantly, gain an outsider perspective on my behavior and attitude.

Executive MBA StudentTIAS

Aldert is a fantastic facilitator with depth and breadth of experience. He brings a lot of experience and insight and creates a safe and trustworthy environment by being very authentic himself. Aldert is one of the better facilitators I have had in training – he really brought energy to the session, which helped the topic come alive.

Senior ManagerShell

Aldert made a difference as coach by supporting me to learn to trust my own learning ability. Result of his coaching for me was developing my authentic leadership style which fits my personality.

Erik VisserZorgbelang Zuid-Holland

Aldert helped me to improve my effectiveness by showing me such a clear image of one of my behavior-patterns that I will always remember it.

Andre KlapPhilips Lighting

The program is really amazing! It made me think and do. It made me take some powerful decisions. Very, very, very usefull training for allday life and working environment.

Team LeaderOsram

Many thanks again to our Trainers. They are the best in what they are doing. They “invited” us to change in such a way we could not refuse. The way they gave us the ideas/knowledge/tools etc is simply brilliant. The program itself is very well structured and impactful. Lots of interesting practice. Very good atmosphere, encouraging to give our best, to share, to mirror yourself and take best out of other team members. This is the training, which is worth investing in it!

Senior ManagerLedvance


Choose now to position yourself more strongly.

Impactris supports you in discovering your passion and strengths. You get clearity again in where you are heading and what you want to leave behind in this world, so that you can position yourself more strongly.

Impactris supports your personal and leadership development by:
Executve Coaching, Leadership Development, High Performing Teams, Change Facilitation and Training.

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